Pro Life Pet Rescue is a registered non-profit organisation.

Registration number: IT1008/12
NPO Registration number: 132-239 NPO

Founded and run by Karin Erasmus and friends since 2011. Real animal lovers with a passion to give pets the home they deserve!

Kindly Note

Our space and resources are limited.

There are only so many homes available and therefor we can not take in the public’s unwanted animals and their unplanned litters.

Strays as well as your personal animals must be taken to your local S.P.C.A. Your animals are your responsibility.

We understand that having pets sterilised is expensive, but it is part of being a responsible pet owner.

We reserve the right to refuse taking in animals depending on the space available and the circumstance of each case.

Kittens or puppies will only be re-homed if we are presented with the mother’s sterilisation certificate and if we have space available to do so.

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